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Various brans of hookahs (shishas)

Khalil Mamoon Emperor: 31" Tri-Metal Oxidized Hookah
Model: 379
The Khalil Mamoon Emperor Oxidized hookah is a flawless, rich, riveting tri-metal hookah that is certainly suited for the highest royalty. KM hookahs are made by hand in Egypt by some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world, so even if you are not royalty, this hookah will certainly leave you fee..
Model: 476
The Khalil Mamoon Plus is a simple yet elegant hookah by the worlds most beloved hookah manufacturer. Khalil Mamoon has been hand crafting flawlessly designed hookahs for well over one hundred years, ever since the late 1800s. The Plus comes ready to use as a full hookah kit so you may immediately p..
Khalil Mamoon Monarch: 31" Single Hose Hookah
Model: 337
All Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are handmade in Egypt promoting the most traditional smoking experience you can find. The KM Monarch hookah stands at 31" tall making it a very good travel companion., while still holding up to the name Khalil Mamoon produces. It makes up for its small stature by providing ..
Khalil Mamoon Safari: 22" Single Hose Hookah
Model: 1
The Khalil Mamoon Safari is a smaller hookah model designed specifically for beginner Hookah users looking to enjoy a KM style smoking experience. This Hookahs economical design allows for ease with setup and maintenance, while providing entertainment for years to come...
Model: 537
The Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Oxidized hookah is a detailed, tall, traditional hookah that was handmade in Egypt by Khalil Mamoons top hookah artists. It stands at 31 inches tall and commands an air of respect around those who smoke from it. The Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Oxidized comes ready to use with y..
Khalil Mamoon Single Pear: 35" Single Hose Hookah
Model: 496
The Pear design in the middle of the stem defines the Khalil Mamoon Single Pear. A popular Khalil Mamoon Hookah as the stem design has a very classy style. This KM Hookah utilizes a single hose and glass vase to create a traditional hookah smoke. A durable Khalil Mamoon Hookah handmade in Egypt buil..
Model: 1
The BB Pumpkin is a great Hookah for a budget minded or first time Hookah smoker. This Hookah is ideal for traveling due to its overall size. This Hookah may be used for both decorative and smoking pleasures, providing entertainment for years to come...
The Double Vision: 19" Double Hose Hookah
Model: 1
The Double Vision hookah from Vapor Hookahs is made for sharing. Its beautifully colored and pinstriped glass vase arrives with matching hoses and bowl. This two-hose hookah is perfect for enjoying with a friend, family member, or acquaintance. Vapor Hookahs really knocked this one out of the park w..
The Feather: 15" Single Hose Hookah
Model: 1
The Feather boasts a modern style vase that complements its very unique gunmetal style stem and offers a great smoking experience for all. This Hookah contains a screw on gunmetal colored shaft, eliminating the need to use rubber base grommets. The Feather Hookah is stored in a r..
Model: 1
The Pearl is an elegant piece of work in a portable size. The shaft supports a diamond like feature in the middle that adds to the overall chic feel of the Pearl. The Pearl boasts an exotic style vase that complements its very unique stem and offers a great smoking experience for all. ..
Model: 1
The Petite Mya is designed to go anywhere! The size makes it perfect to take to a friend's house, social gathering, or on your next trip. Made of durable metal and glass this portable Hookah is perfect for the Hookah smoker on the go. The Petite Mya may be converted to a two hose Hookah by utilizing..
Model: 1
The cute, petite Pumpkin Hookah is now available in a two hose hookah configuration. Vapor Hookahs' Pumpkin Two Hose is perfect for smoking shisha with friends and hookah parties. The auto-seal hose stem adapters eliminate the need for plugging the hose when others want to smoke. Premium smoking qua..
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