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ATH Dar-I Hayat Bowl

ATH Dar-I Hayat Bowl
ATH Dar-I Hayat Bowl
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Handmade 100% stoneware bowls from Adalya Tobacco under the name ATH - Adalya Tobacco Hookah. The ATH Dar-I Hayat bowl is a Turkish phunnel style hookah bowl that holds 10g - 20g of your favorite shisha tobacco. Thick quality clay allows for perfect heat distribution around the bowl and through the hookah shisha. A unique bowl design resembles tree bark for a natural look that will make any hookah stand out with a natural clay color. The phunnel style ATH Dar-I Hayat Hookah Bowl with a single spire and center hole in the bottom of the bowl works well with modern, juicy shisha brands as it keeps the molasses and juices inside the bowl instead of running down your hookah stem. This bowl features a lip made specifically for hookah heat management devices but it also works well with traditional hookah foil and any hookah charcoal you desire.

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