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The Pumpkin Two Hose: 10" Two Hose Hookah

The Pumpkin Two Hose: 10" Two Hose Hookah
The Pumpkin Two Hose: 10" Two Hose Hookah
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The cute, petite Pumpkin Hookah is now available in a two hose hookah configuration. Vapor Hookahs' Pumpkin Two Hose is perfect for smoking shisha with friends and hookah parties. The auto-seal hose stem adapters eliminate the need for plugging the hose when others want to smoke. Premium smoking quality on par with top hookah brands on the market at a budget friendly price. Vapor Hookahs are known for being quality hookahs that do not break the bank and the Vapor Pumpkin Two Hose Hookah is no different. The Pumpkin 2 Hose comes in a variety of beautiful shades including blue, burgundy, green, pink, purple, red, black, and white. The Pumpkin Two Hose Hookah also works well for hookah smokers that travel due to its small, compact size. This hookah pipe includes a pair of hookah tongs, a ceramic bowl, rubber grommets, and two washable hookah hoses.

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